Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Feingold's folly

As everyone is now aware, on Sunday Senator Feingold called for a censure of President Bush on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. In his young campaign for the presidency, this is the most ham handed thing Feingold has done yet. With this one move, Feingold laid out his playbook for everyone to look at. He is going to try to ride the Kos Kids to the nomination. To hell with every Democrat to the right of San Francisco, to hell with stradling the line between far left and just plain left, Feingold is going to take a page out of the Howard Dean book and try to ride the "net roots" wave into the White House. It might get him into the top three come the spring of 2008, but the Kosites out there don't have the juice to propel anyone to the Democratic nomination. To your average Democrat, the one who doesn't think much about why they are a Democrat, Feingold's pandering to the "net roots" is going to reduce his stature. Oh, it will help fill his coffers and get plenty of activists in his corner, but when it comes to primary time, Democratic voters will step into their voting booth and vote for someone that they see as more serious and stable for the Presidency. Senator Feingold, you are about to waste the next two years of your life. Enjoy the ride.

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