Friday, March 17, 2006

Suspicious behavior in Chicago

Okay, that could very easily be the title for a humor piece, but this isn't going to be a humorous post. Chicago may be in the heart of FIB land, but it is still the megacity in our back yard here in Wisconsin. ABC in Chicago is reporting suspicous activities have been witnessed at the Sears Tower and Boeing:
Sears Tower employees Thursday reportedly received bulletins from building management reassuring them that there is no terror threat. But those bulletins failed to explain the incident ABC7 reported, that three suspicious looking men in a rental car pulled up to the building recently, got out and began studying the building. According to law enforcement sources, they took pictures before building security ran them off, but they never got their identification. Those sources tell ABC7 the car was rented to a fake name.
Sources also say a second suspicious incident at the Boeing corporate offices is also under investigation. This time a lone man, reportedly suspicious looking, was seen sketching the building. Security questioned him and took pictures of his sketch, though they never got his ID. A Boeing spokesman Thursday confirmed they reported it to authorities who have been conducting an investigation.
There have been numerous sightings of odd behavior around high profile locations in the last 4 plus years, but it is concerning when people have the opportunity to get identities of those behaving strangely and they do not.

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