Monday, March 13, 2006

Wilsonianism, isolationsim, and charting our future course

There are a couple of articles/posts this morning that I'm going to put on everyone's recommended reading list. The first is a Power Line post that summarizes a Rich Lowry article in National Review, "The 'To Hell With Them' Hawks," and the second is a New York Times article on the Bush move away from isolationism. Both of them touch on very important aspects of our foreign policy going forward. I hope to have a post on them later today in which I'll touch on why isolationism is an outdated concept for the United States, why we should practice only a limited Wilsonian foreign policy, and why Bush's new globalism is the right idea in the big picture but also why his administration may be about to get the small picture all wrong. For Belle and Aaron, it will be a shiny keys piece (i.e., long).

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