Tuesday, March 28, 2006

To Walker and Green supporters: It is time to settle down

Okay, it has been 4 days since Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker dropped out of the running for the Republican nomination for Governor of Wisconsin. Today, the call went out to Walker supporters to relax and come into the fold. I agree whole heartedly. We aren't accomplishing anything by grumping at this point. If you have your concerns about Mark Green, fine, but give the guy a chance first. The election is still a long way away, and he has barely begun telling the entire state what he is about. Set aside the ethanol issue for now and just listen for a while. If it looks like Green is off base, we'll all have plenty of time to discuss it.

Now, on the flip side of this, I understand that Green supporters are fiercely loyal to their guy. I hope you all understand that Walker had supporters that were just as passionate as you. Walker just gave Green a gift-an unopposed nomination. Keep in mind, it has only been four days. If the shoes were on the other feet, you'd still be grumpy about things, too. So for God's sake, be a little magnanimous to Walker supporters, and a lot more welcoming.

Kevin, I'm sorry to single you out, but your comments are the most recent that I've read, so I am going to use them to push through my point:

I sympathize with the Walker supporters, truly I do. But as a Green supporter since his 2005 Convention speech (My first time to see the two of them, measure their responses and tone.), the idea of Green as a moderate or RINO is beyond the realm of reality. Grow the hell up, realize that Doyle is vulnerable and your aid is needed.

Green supporters, switch Walker's and Green's name in that passage. If Green had just dropped out and a Walker supporter told you to grow the hell up, would you be as willing to come into the fold peacefully? I'd wager not. The call went out for Walker supporters to relax and join the fold today, but it also needs to be said that some Green supporters need to relax and do a better job of welcoming the Walker supporters with wide open arms. Green needs a unified party to beat Doyle, and that means Walker supporters, you need to set aside your differences with Green supporters, and Green supporters, you need to show a little more patience with Walker supporters as they get used to their new reality as Green backers.

I feel so strongly about this that, if necessary, I will don the Green Team t-shirt and do cartwheels if it helps defuse this animosity.

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