Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You too can be as big as HuffPo

I had no idea this blogging thing was so simple.
So imagine his (George Clooney's) ire when Arianna Huffington used some of his recent answers to political questions in a way that makes it look as if he wrote one for her Huffington Post blog site.

"He doesn't object to the quotes," says Stan Rosenfield, Clooney's rep. "He said those things and those are his views. Arianna asked for permission to use the quotes and he gave it to her. What he didn't give permission for was the use of his quotes without source attributions to make it appear that he wrote a blog for her site.
Next week at Jiblog there will be a guest posts from George Washington, Babe Ruth, and Ronald Reagan. I'll get this site over 200 visits a day yet!

I received an email from Donkey Cons, informing me that they already have Reagan blogging at their site. I guess they aren't willing to share him. They also told me that they have Lindsey Lohan scheduled to blog in the nude.

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