Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The GM layoff v. a typical layoff

Beyond Madison Avenue tells laid off GM workers that they should be thankful for how much better they have it than most Americans, and does it through a handy little comparison of fictional layoffs:

The GM Salary Worker Layoff - "Hank, we need to let you go. As part of the agreement, you will recieve one month severence pay for every year you worked, which ads up to nine months. In addition to this severnece, GM will continue to pay your health insurance premiums, and let you keep your company car. You will also be eligible for unemployment"

The GM Hourly Worker - "Jim, Here is $140,000 to walk out today. We lost 10 billion dollars. Take it or leave it"

The Advertising Agency Layoff - "Hey, Bob. Thanks for the five years. Business is slow. We need to lay you off. We will provide a good reference, and you can keep your laptop"

Hey! Ad guys get to keep their laptops when they get fired? Lucky bastards.

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