Monday, March 27, 2006

Moussaoui's "fifth plane" claim

Today Zacarias Moussaoui claimed that he and shoe bomber Richard Reid were to hijack a fifth plane and fly it into the White House. The story is generating a lot of interest, but I wouldn't put a lot of stock into it. Moussaoui has very little to gain from being co-operative, and I suspect that he is just having 'fun' with the whole, much like when he signed his guilty plea with "The Twentieth Hijacker." I also have extreme difficulty believing that Richard Reid would be trusted with any such operation.

Just the same, Moussaoui was kind enough to seal his death penalty with this exchange:

Prosecutor Spencer asked: "You knew on Aug. 16 that other al-Qaida members were in the United States?"

"That's correct," Moussaoui replied.

Spencer: "You knew there was a pending plot?"

"That's correct."

Spencer: "You lied because you wanted to conceal that you were a member of al-Qaida?"

"That's correct."

"You lied so the plan could go forward?"

<> "That's correct."
Enjoy your 72 white grapes, Zac.

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