Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Washington Post tells a postive Iraq story

With outlets like the Post and the Times obsessed with the mantra "If it bleeds, it leads," it is always nice to see them run something that is positive. This article by David Ignatius would have to qualify as positive:
Three years on, the U.S. military is finally becoming adept at fighting a counterinsurgency war in Iraq. Sadly, these are precisely the skills that should have been mastered before America launched its invasion in March 2003. It may prove one of the costliest lessons in the history of modern warfare.

I had a chance to see the new counterinsurgency doctrine in practice here this week. U.S. troops are handing off to the Iraqi army a growing share of the security burden. As the Iraqis step up, the Americans are stepping back into a training and advisory role. This is the way it should have happened from the beginning.

Go to the Post and read the rest. Show them that their readers will read positive stories.

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