Friday, March 17, 2006

The Problem with France

France has, *gasp*, passed a law which makes it easier to fire young workers. This is France we're talking about, so the fact that students are protesting and sometimes rioting at this introduction to the real world isn't surprising. The Sydney Morning Herald has a quote from a student that nicely sums up why the French economy is weaker than even their military:
"They're offering us nothing but slavery," said Maud Pottier, 17, a student at Jules Verne High School in Sartrouville, north of Paris. "You'll get a job knowing that you've got to do every single thing they ask you to do because otherwise you may get sacked."
Umm, yeah. That's why they call it a job. There isn't some magic frog along the Seine that is creating those Euros you use to take your yearly holiday in Spain, kid.

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