Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Self destruction through the quest for power

Russ Feingold, in his quest for the Presidency, could end up destroying his political future.  In Wisconsin, Russ Feingold has cultivated a strong brand for himself, namely that he is a principled ‘everyday guy’.  As he ramps up his Presidential campaign, that brand is wearing thin in places.  More and more people in this state who at least respected the guy are starting to see the opportunist behind the brand.  Feingold likely could have been a Wisconsin Senator for life-his brand was just that strong in this state.  The further he gets into Presidential politics, though, the more likely it becomes that the Wisconsin public sees that the everyday guy is just a self interested politician, contrary to the bill of goods they’ve been sold all these years.  State Republicans should start looking at that 2010 Senate race now, because it may end up being their golden opportunity to unseat him.

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