Wednesday, March 29, 2006

UN Security Council to Iran: You're almost in big trouble

You have to give the UN Security Council this: They prevent war through active inaction. Today the members of the Security Council, after almost two weeks of haggling amongst themselves, have agreed on the wording of a statement to be given to Iran. I've yet to see the text of the statement, but I don't expect to say much of anything. After 30 more days of Iran developing its nuclear technology, the Security Council will likely convene again, haggle some more, and lob another warning at Iran. Maybe they can even throw a scary phrase into that statement like "dire consequences." China and Russia simply will not allow any action to be taken against their clients in Tehran. Meanwhile, Iran will get closer and closer to having an operative nuclear weapon that can be used against Israel, Europe, or the United States.

The UN is designed to prevent any nation from taking any kind of action against any other, or to actively do nothing. In that sense, it is doing its job. Unfortunately, the design of the UN does not meet modern needs, and one day its inaction will directly lead to a catastrophic loss of life somewhere in the world, and history will look back in wonder as to how we could let this dinosaur of a global body keep the world mired in dangerous situation after dangerous situation.

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