Friday, March 10, 2006

Goodbye, Javon

I've had just about enough of Javon Walker's diarrhea of the mouth. Now he's saying he doesn't want to be a Packer anymore and will not play for the team again. I'd like to take a look at a few of his quotes:
"I just don't feel like this is the best place for me to be right now," said Walker, whose relationship with the organization remains fractured following the team's refusal last summer to renegotiate his contract and public criticism at his expense by Favre. "I really have no interest in being in a Green Bay Packers uniform or playing for Green Bay again."
"I just don't like the way the organization runs itself. They want players to come up there and play hard and work hard, but when it comes time to be compensated, it's like, 'We forgot what you've done.'"
What is exactly that you have done in Green Bay, Javon? You've had one Pro Bowl season. Prior to that, we didn't even know if you were going to pan out in the pros. You had a world of potential, but a bad case of the dropsies. You want to be paid amongst the top receivers in the game for one Pro Bowl season?
"If I had to go back there, I'd retire," he said. "I don't have to play."
I think the Packers should call his bluff. He isn't going to get paid a hell of a lot in 2007 by a new team if he sits out 2006 after missing all of 2005.
"Why should I risk another year of getting beat up playing for a team that I don't want to play for? That's stupid," Walker said.

"I love the game," Walker said. "But I'm not going to risk what I went through this year, tearing an ACL and taking pain pills. If I'm going to go out and take hits, it's going to be for a team that I love playing for."
Ahh, I see. This is all about the love of the game, right Javon?
"I'm not going to grandstand," Walker said. "I just want the Packers to give me peace of mind."
I guess not. If the Packers give you millions of "piece of mind," it looks like you'd be happy to stay.

Shut up already, Javon. You've got a world of potential, but potential only pays for draft pics.

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