Monday, March 06, 2006

I'm not happy?! Pshaw.

On The Isthmus's Daily Page, they link back to my comments last Friday night about Pizzeria Uno's fundraiser to fight the marriage amendment. The title of the link here reads, "Not happy about benefit against marriage/civil union ban at State Street Pizzeria Uno." I don't believe that I showed much emotion at all. It ended up being a pretty emotionless statement of fact, but I guess since I identified myself as conservative, that clearly meant that I was unhappy about the fundraiser. Frankly, if I were made unhappy by every liberal fundraiser held in Madison, I'd have found myself a strong rope and an old tree a loooong time ago. In all honesty, I welcome their fundraisers for their political beliefs. It means that McCain and Feingold haven't strangled all political speech yet. I just think it was a dumb business decision on Pizzeria Uno's part.

I also find it a bit interesting my full name was attached to that link. My name isn't a secret but it isn't easily found, either. They either stumbled over that post on Technorati or they really did some homework.

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