Monday, March 06, 2006

Kirby Puckett, 1961-2006

For baseball fans, the death of Kirby Puckett is sad news. Puckett was one of the most enjoyable players of his era to watch. Here was this short, round man playing the game at the level of taller, thinner men. The best part was that Puckett had a smile on his face a lot of the time. I lived an hour and a half from the Metrodome and I loathed the Twins, but even I had to like Kirby Puckett. Hopefully the PA announcer at the Humpty Dome will give us all one more Kiiiirbbyyy Puckett! when the season begins. Puckett had some troubles in his personal life, but on the field it was tough to find a more likeable guy. Rest in peace, Kirby.

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