Friday, March 03, 2006

A letter to the free market

Dear Free Market,


I respect you for your ability to efficiently meet the needs of consumers, but I wanted to let you know that I have a need/want that currently isn’t being met.  I’ve been casually looking at mp3 players lately, and I’ve noticed that some of them come with FM radios.  That is pretty cool in this guy’s book, but I don’t listen to music all that much.  The reason I am finally looking at mp3 players is because the number of political podcasts that I want to listen to is growing, but I don’t want to be tied to my computer to listen to them anymore.  I would gladly pony up the funds for mp3 player, but I want mine to come with an AM tuner.  And if I could record files off the radio, that would be great, too, although I understand if there are legal issues with that.


Now, Free Market, I understand that needs/wants that don’t have a significant demand typically don’t get met.  In this case, I believe that there would be a healthy niche demand.  Most people who listen to political podcasts also listen to AM talk radio.  A manufacturer of such a device could probably corner the market on political junkies such as myself.  It could also be advertised cheaply and efficiently on political websites, blogs, and radio.  There is strong profit potential in this idea for someone if they just know about the potential demand.


Free Market, I would greatly appreciate it if you would work on this issue for me.  As long as it is technologically feasible, I’m sure it would it would benefit all participants and only serve to make you stronger.


Best Regards,



P.S.  If the state of Wisconsin tries to take a pound of your flesh by mandating ethanol gasoline, I apologize in advance.

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