Sunday, March 05, 2006

Live blogging a snow advisory

We're under a snow advisory in Southern Wisconsin today, and I'm so bored that I've decided to live blog it. Let's get right to it. From the Jiblog Storm Lab Weather Center:

Update 1
It's snowing.

Update 2
I'm about to take a nap. I'll update again as conditions warrant.

Update 3
Awake? Yep. Still snowin'? You betcha.

Update 4
Still snow...wait, wait...this just into the Jiblog Storm Lab Weather Center. It is letting up! It is letting up! Folks, we narrowly averted disaster on this snow event. Thank you for tuning into late breaking snow advisory news here at the Jiblog Storm Lab Weather Center. We will break into your regularly scheduled blog reading with any updates.

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