Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wisconsin ethanol bill to the Senate

I'm baffled. I cannot fathom what is going through State Senate Majority Leader Dale Schultz's head right now. He turned his back on his caucus and pushed the ethanol mandate bill to the Senate. In doing so, he is placing himself on a political island that is surrounded by Democrats and he is further alienating himself from the Republican base in Wisconsin. If that is not a difficult enough political situation to put one's self in, there is the potential that this bill alone will be responsible for even higher gas prices in Wisconsin this summer, and Wisconsin voters will focus their anger right back on Schultz. We already know that there will be a shortfall of domestic ethanol production this year, and that we will be importing ethanol from Brazil. We also know that there are going to be distribution problems transporting ethanol, which will also affect supply this year. If Senator Schultz is looking for a one way ticket out of Senate leadership and the Senate altogether, then he is doing a hell of a job of it. This bill is going to backfire when Wisconsin consumers actually start using the mandated gasohol, and everyone involved in its passage is going to pay a political price.

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