Tuesday, March 07, 2006

An anti-climactic 50,000th visitor

At 5:34 am this morning, Jiblog had its 50,000th visitor. I had been really looking forward to popping 50,000. Last October I thought I was going to hit it by the end of the year because traffic increases were pacing out for it to occur at the end of December. When you have to wait an additional two months, the number loses its luster a little bit. Add to that 50,000 isn't all that grand of a total, and you have a muted excitement over it.

I also did a little exercise in my mind to keep things in perspective. Based on some of the big links I've gotten and search engine hits, I'd say that of that 50,000, there has probably been 20,000 different people who have visited the site. Of those 20,000, about 18,000 only visited the site once. So 2,000 people have visited more than once. 1,800 of them have visited the site only during hot topics like the Harriet Miers debate, and that leaves me with 200. Of the 200, 100 quit reading blogs after the 2004 election. Of the remaining 100, 93 only check in here once a month. That means I have 7 regular readers. You 7 have visited approximately 39,000 times. Thank you, but I'm beginning to think you're stalking me.

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