Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cartoon controversy/Islam background

Eric Zorn's blog at the Chicago Tribune has a weekly feature called "Land of Linkin'". In his most recent edition of 'Land', Zorn includes a wide variety of links to sources on both the Muhammed cartoon controversy. When I learn about a topic, I enjoy reading both sides of the story because it helps me with context and it helps me strengthen the positions I develop. I've just scratched the surface of Zorn's links. So far, I've read "This is Mohammad," a pro-Islam look at who Muhammed was, and I've begun reading the very long "Prophet of Doom," which takes the 'con' position. Zorn also links to various Muhammed images an information that relates more to the cartoon controversy. I'm digging around there, and if you can find the time, I recommend at least browsing.

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