Monday, March 06, 2006

The cheerleader that just won't quit

I wish I could find the video on the net, but over the weekend a Southern Illinois cheerleader fell from a pyramid during a basketball game in St. Louis. She was pretty dinged up, suffering a chipped vertebrae and a concussion. You have to see the video, though. As she is rolled out on a stretcher and backboard, she continues to cheer. It caused me some serious mixed emotions. First off, I laughed. Hard. There is something ridiculous about her cheering as she is rolled out on a stretcher. At the same time though, ya gotta respect the woman's resilience. If I took that fall, I'd have been too busy feeling sorry for myself to even think about making such an odd gesture.

It reminds me of the time that I was at a high school football game and the quarterback broke his leg. They got him stabilized and onto a stretcher on the sidelines and then began to roll him out via the track. At that exact moment, the crowd began to cheer loudly for a play on the field. The quarterback thought the fans were cheering for him, so he stuck his thumb up in the air. Only about 8 of us in the crowd saw it, and it was funny, but at the same time we felt bad and embarrassed for him.

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