Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fraudulent licenses in Wisconsin

Kevin covers this issue nicely over at Lakeshore Laments, but I wanted to add a personal anecdote. A few years ago when the lovely Mrs. Jib and I lived at an apartment complex here in town. Occasionally we received mail for a man with a Latino name, and the mail was typically from the DMV or local courts. We didn't think too much of it. We thought it was probably just a previous tenant. That lasted until we learned that our address had been used by at least a couple of latino males as their "residence" when applying for driver's licenses. We learned of it when one of them was involved in a traffic stop in a neighboring town and arrested for outstanding warrants. Without getting into to much detail, the police in that town knew immediately that this guy did not live at the address on his license. I'm not sure what ever happened in that case, but we stopped receiving their mail.

The story was a little scary for us when it happened, and the fact is that it is probably happening more in Wisconsin than anyone is aware of. While it doesn't rise to the level of identity theft scary, stop to think of the potential consequences of someone else fraudulently using your address as their own.

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