Thursday, March 02, 2006

Teresa Halbach case update

I listened to the first 8 minutes or so of the press conference on the Halbach case. I really wish I hadn't. That poor kid (Teresa). Both of the accused are lucky that Wisconsin does not have the death penalty, because this was an especially horrific crime.

I'll update this later in the day with links, but I am not going to write what was described at the press conference.

*If you are not familiar with the Teresa Halbach case, this is a good place to catch up quickly.
*Lakeshore Laments covered today's gruesome press conference. I direct you there for the details as Kevin did the thankless work of documenting things. To give you an idea, I filled the lovely Mrs. Jib in after work and she teared up at the details. She's not a crier, so you are forewarned as to how bad this is.

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